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S7-200 Installations

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When Siemens Industry Automation Systems required cross-country field technician support to remedy faulty I/O Modules placed throughout various restaurant chains, the company reached out to Prism Systems to begin replacing the units right away.

I/O modules serve to link data received from sensors and the commands that are sent to the PLC. Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are sensors used to measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature. The element exhibits a predictable change in resistance as the temperature changes, which can be used to determine the temperature.


  • S7-200 PLC I/O Modules manufactured between certain dates were found were to be susceptible to backplane failure
  • Many major restaurant chains nationwide relied on these modules to control their heating and cooling systems
  • Affected devices were causing erroneous temperature readings from the RTD probes resulting in improper & costly regulation of the site's heating system
  • Siemens trusted Prism Systems to coordinate and implement the inspection and replacement of defective modules

Customer Benefits

  • Siemens Solution Partner
  • Immediate service to critical sites regardless of travel distance
  • Flexible technicians ready to mobilize to any location on short notice
  • Ability to support two simultaneous trips at any given time
  • Tremendous cost-savings for client with work being completed by Prism's trained technicians as opposed to engineers
  • Excellent customer service support
  • Frequent communication with Project Coordinator
  • Technician travel itineraries, site visit appointments, and all related logistics handled by Prism


  • S7-200 PLC I/O Modules
    • RTDs: Digital & Analog
    • Thermocouple Modules
    • Telephone modems
  • Power Converter
  • DIP Switch
  • HMI Screen
  • Wire Cables


  • Travel to 84 restaurants
  • Some sites very remote
  • Frequent changes to site list
  • Securing last minute flights & accommodations
  • Flight delays & lost luggage disrupted trip schedule
  • Delayed shipment of replacement parts from warehouse
  • Short window of time to complete each job due to restaurant business hours and each manager's schedule preferences
  • Technical service contact only available EST business hours regardless of site time zone
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