01 August 2016 Published in Abstracts

Intelligent Telecom HVAC Control

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As part of an initiative to improve the operation of their telecommunication shelters, a major wireless company created the "Shelter of the Future" standard. This company provides wireless service and equipment infrastructure across the country and wanted to improve the energy efficiency and remote connectivity to the HVAC systems responsible for cooling the protective structures (shelters) responsible for housing delicate electronic equipment. Prism Systems was hired by a primary supplier of such telecom HVAC shelters to assist with the controls of meeting these higher standards in the new shelters. As a Siemens Solutions Partner, Prism utilized the S7-1200 platform to apply PLC technology to the HVAC control system. The new system was tested in 2013 and revealed the HVAC power consumption was reduced from 37% of the total shelter power to 27%. Actual total utility costs were reduced by 26% through reduced actual energy consumption costs and reduced demand charges.

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