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Heat Treat Line Using a Customer Developed Control System

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Our customer decided to build a new heat treat line and use Siemens hardware with their own proprietary control system. Their control system used a Linux-based PC to control Siemens I/O and drives. This plant had thirteen Linux-based machines communicating with a level 2 master system that collected data and controlled all movements throughout the plant. This facility also had numerous automated and manual cranes, a Siemens safety system (for perimeter monitoring of automated areas), and multiple control rooms with HMIs that also used the proprietary Control system.

Challenges & Solution

  • No one in the United States had used this control system, therefore support and training had to be done in Sweden.
  • Drivers for some of the hardware had to be custom designed for this project.
  • The project ran according to an accelerated timeframe and a tight deadline was successfully met.
  • Prism Systems worked with a team of engineers based in both the US and Sweden.
  • Prism Systems oversaw the construction of new plant, which included the correct placement of hardware throughout all systems.
  • Ensured before ordering hardware that we could get it to work with this system.
  • Implemented Profinet for the first time into this customer's software system.

Customer Benefits

  • Created a solution to efficiently run a new specialized heat treat line using their software.
  • Completed on schedule.
  • Worked with the Multicultural engineer team and worked efficiently across the different time zones.


  • Proview (proview.se)
  • Siemens ET200 IO
  • Siemens S7300 IO
  • Linux Debian
  • Siemens G120 Drives
  • Siemens S120 Drives


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