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Major Ride Attraction Safety Control Systems

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Prism Systems was hired by a major company in the entertainment industry to develop a new attraction at a theme park in Orlando, Florida. Beginning from initial conception to detailed design, Prism worked with the customer to develop a platform and control strategy to design a system that was both built on safe technology and programming design. This system was the Supervisory System to several sub-systems for complete control of the entire attraction. The architecture that was chosen to leverage the safety systems of the Rockwell GuardLogix System to provide critical monitoring and control of systems to protect guests and operators from injury or death. Safety communications using EthernetIP facilitated secure control of critical systems throughout the attraction. Additionally, safety sensors such as laser scanners, vision, and light curtains ensured the safety of the guests.

Customer Benefits

  • Complete safety (SIL2) rated system
  • Supervisory control from a central GuardLogix System communicating with Safety Point I/O
  • Modular programming using standard and safety Add-on Object Instructions (AOIs) – both built in and developed
  • EthernetIP communication using the Safety Layer Protocol
  • Safety rated laser scanners, light curtains, and vision to detect intrusion in forbidden areas during attraction launch
  • Produced/Consumed tag structure to other GuardLogix Systems utilizing the EthernetIP Safety Layer


Prism Systems started this project by working closely with the customer to develop a concept of control of an attraction to maximize functionality with complete safety systems for guests and operators. Rockwell GuardLogix with Point I/O provided the complete solution in developing the architecture for this attraction. Along with EthernetI/P utilizing produced/consumed tags on the safety layer, Prism Systems was able to provide a robust system to meet the client's expectations and specifications. In providing a complete system, Prism Systems also provided complete project management using Agile Project Management along with Earned Value Analysis to detail system progress and provide exceptional value to the client.

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