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Point of Sale (POS) Terminals

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Recently, Prism Systems tested an upgrade to a new line of ice vending machines for an industry-leading manufacturer. The solution developed allows point of sale for the new ice machine to be located remotely, without needing vending hardware to be installed on the machine. This upgrade consists of two terminals: one is located inside a store at the cash register position and the other is mounted on the vending machine. Normally, this type of vending machine will omit the coin mechanism and bill-validator. If the machine will be available after store closing, it may still retain the credit card interface.


Major benefits and Operation of this system:

1. No cash in the Ice Machine.

  • No theft risk from external or employee.
  • No removal of cash/coins on a regular basis.
  • No bill or coin mechanisms to fail (high failure problems).
  • 4 x 20 character built-in display allows for configuration and full instructions.

2. Convenience store already has cashier.

  • Single pay point - customer may be purchasing other items and want a bag of ice.
  • A code is generated by store Point Of Sale system or other means and entered at the POS Terminal next to the cashier. The customer goes to the Ice Machine, enters the code and simply collects their ice bag(s).


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