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Prism Systems has partnered with the University of South Alabama on an academic thesis.  Our newest intern, Syed Mohammad Mustafa Bokhari, is currently working towards his Masters in Electrical Engineering and is set to graduate in May 2019. Having gone through his undergraduate career without any professional or real-world experience, Mustafa was seeking the ability to test his thesis hypothesis in a qualified professional environment while gaining real-world experience. With a concentration in the field of Controls and Network Security, Mustafa elected first to pursue his graduate degree and thesis prior to pursuing professional employment.  

Through college friends and classmates who are currently employed at Prism System’s corporate office, he came to learn that Keith Jones, President Prism Systems, has close ties with USA’s College of Engineering. This relationship allowed Mustafa an introduction to Keith through his advisor, Dr. Samuel Russ. 

“Being located deep in south Alabama, I was surprised to find a company that would interact and engage with international students along with having the facilities and equipment any student would be lucky to utilize (KUKA robot) for purely academic research. Rather quickly, Prism Systems extended an opportunity thanks to the strong relationship with the University of South Alabama,” Mustafa said.  

Mustafa’s academic research focuses on improving the position data obtained from a KUKA robot, which in turn will allow the robot to work with a Coherent Laser. Testing the robot’s performance utilizing an external 9 – Degrees of Freedom Sensor facilitates the accurate determination of how the robot moves, how fast it moves, how fast the sensor is able to obtain the data, and if it is able to keep up with a Coherent Laser. 

“Keith, along with my advisor Dr. Russ, have been vital in not only helping me decide on a topic for my thesis, but helping me achieve the experience I have not been able to get until now. Such an experience and opportunity is rare as thesis work tends to be purely academic, and mostly consists of paperwork,” Mustafa said. “Prism provides an atmosphere conducive to learning and self-improvement that has, and continues to aid in my work.  Further, the opportuntity to work in the Prism R&D LAB, exposed me to other real-world projects for Prism customers around the world."  

Welcome to the team, Mustafa!

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