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Celebrating 29 Years with 39 Countries

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Ask any of our Prism Systems employees what their favorite part of their job is, and they will likely tell you: "the travel!" Our professionals leave their cubicles and traverse the world, working on some of the most interesting projects imaginable. Our global customers come to us from a variety of different industries from chemicals, food/beverage, and oil/gas, to telecommunications, and entertainment. No project is ever the same and our people thrive on new challenges and changing scenery.

Prism Systems is celebrating our 29th year of business with a recent project in Haiti.  We now count experience in 39 different countries! Far-flung destinations are nothing new to us though. In fact, 15 percent of our workforce is currently relocated domestically to Orlando and Los Angeles on long-term assignments with a major theme park company. When traveling, if we aren't working, we are exploring all there is to see and do in the local culture.

Our company attracts driven professionals with an adventurous spirit. Our engineers crave variety and seek out new cultures, new experiences, and are constantly learning about the world around them. Our clients have operations around the world and we are partners to support their global business. Our challenges can be very different in the developed world as opposed to the developing economies. At Prism Systems, we use innovation and forward thinking to engage the global marketplace. Our talented men and women are always on the go, getting to experience new cultures and traveling to far-flung locales. These experiences offer both personal and professional development that can be very rewarding.

International projects are always being added to the list, and have included everything from a rum distillery in Trinidad, to a manufacturing line in Thailand. We have implemented the controls on ships in Rio de Janeiro, and installed IT projects for drug enforcement in Tajikistan. Our break room often presents a sampling of international treats such as tea from Beijing, or specialty snacks from our jobs in France, Italy, and Dubai.

Two recent college grads have already seen new places. Cody Poyner has worked on a project that has taken him to Germany, Spain, and Portugal! His project involved upgrading the PLCs that control the 65 refrigerators and freezers on a major cruise ship and replacing the existing motor control with a Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) system. Drew Yates travelled to China and Japan within his first two months. His project was assisting with field-testing for a project in Shanghai.

Domestically here in North America, our folks have worked everywhere from Mexico to Canada. One of our youngest technicians, Calhoun, Powell embarked on a cross-country trip to replace faulty I/O modules in 84 restaurants distributed across 33 states. Having never previously flown before, he was thrilled to spend time in so many different states, meeting new people, tasting regional cuisine, and trying local adventure sports in his free time.

At Prism Systems, we really value the desire to explore and grow both personally and professionally. We think our people agree that 39 countries is just the beginning and our team is excited to add more unique projects this year. We look forward to keeping you updated on our latest adventures!

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