Prism Systems is proud to receive a 2018 PEP Environmental Stewardship Award. 

Since 2005, the PEP Board of Directors has presented the PEP Environmental Stewardship Awards to recognize PEP members whose work has made a significant and positive contribution to the Gulf Coast region in three crucial areas: economic growth, environmental health and social responsibility. 

Prism Systems ERS: Software for Innovative Emissions Monitoring

Prism Systems' Environmental Reporting Solution (ERS) software provides automated, real-time emissions monitoring and reporting to large scale manufacturing sites. Think Pulp/Paper, Petro/Chem, Automotive, and/or Metals/Mining facilities. Each site has specific limits on process emissions for any stack discharge to the air or similarly any process discharge to nearby waterways or storm sewer. Prism Systems’ ERS is software and a tool to monitor environmental compliance while ensuring the plant is running efficiently, as designed. ERS was developed to seamlessly integrate process-level data collection with full-compliance regulatory reporting capabilities, allowing plants, processes, and equipment of all types to meet emissions reporting requirements quickly and accurately.

Developed in 2001 to assist Mobile’s robust pulp and paper industry comply with reporting requirements of the Clean Air Act, ERS enables customers to automate many manual processes and consolidate management of environmental compliance throughout facilities, improving efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. As a web-based solution, ERS eliminates costly licensing for proprietary software by providing a website to manage, monitor, and report emissions data.

“The system pays for itself in time saved,” said Randy Holland, Environmental Engineer at Georgia-Pacific Brewton, LLC., the first site to implement ERS. “It does everything other mills do with twenty to thirty spreadsheets, making the whole process of reporting much more manageable. When we are troubleshooting or working to improve emissions, I can access months of data instantly,” said Holland.

Real-time event updates and emails notifications are another benefit. “ERS is tied into performance equations and alerts me to events throughout the mill,” said Holland. “This allows me to address problems quickly.” A quick response translates into more production time and less overhead.

Trae Rushing, ERS Project Manager at Prism Systems, Inc. states “With ERS, information is readily available and when government (regulatory) agencies come for inspection, we are able to quickly pull up data they need to see.”

Holland and his team work closely with Prism to keep ERS in pace with changing regulations. “We have received a tremendous amount of feedback about our customer service,” said Rushing. “We have a partnership with our customers and provide ongoing support and development of the ERS solution.”