Training: Engineering, Technician, & Operator Training

Prism Systems takes great pride in providing full-service project management including comprehensive training services. Beyond the design and implementation phases of a project, our engineering professionals ensure that customized training on new installations, and upgrades or refits to legacy systems is performed before transitioning the solution to our client. Prism Systems' application specific training is specialized for management, engineering, maintenance, and/or operations resources, as required.  Application specific training is focused instruction for the people who will be responsible for operating, supporting, managing, or maintaining the new system. Application specific training has proven to be a critical investment in project execution prior to the delivery of a solution to a world class manufacturing or operating environment. After such training has been successfully completed, our systems engineers and developers transition the solution and project ownership to our client, where it is intended to be operated by the end users and supported by its maintenance and operations staffs. Prism Systems' project execution would be incomplete without comprehensive training services.