Web-based Reporting

Many current development projects are sophisticated and complex web-based applications. Prism's Software Development Group, along with the Automation & Controls Group, has deployed dozens of these types of applications in plants, IT facilities and even ships around the world. These user-friendly applications are much easier to deploy and maintain than client-based applications and allow the user to interface with the application using a simple web browser, eliminating client-side software installation and maintenance. These applications have a number of advantages over traditional client-server applications:

  • Configuration, runtime and administration environment requires no client install or maintenance
  • Combines the functionality provided by the core reporting system with information from legacy and third party systems on the same screen at the same time with minimal development effort
  • Easily converts interactive displays into reports for printing or saving in Adobe PDF format
  • Collects enterprise-wide data from other applications and third-party and/or legacy systems
  • Creates common information portal to provide data/reporting/trending/analysis from multiple sources

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